Arrived in Thailand

Followed through with my decision, hardest thing is to leave family, my pets and friends.

However, I am here, we only live one life right! So make the most of it. Do what you love doing, and overcome obstacles no matter how much you try and fail, persistence and consistency is key… More on that later….

Arrived in Bangkok on the 8th September, checked into Floral hotel near the airport…hmmm bad idea, the planes make such loud sound all the time, I’d advise not (sorry Floral) ;-)…..

Spent 1 night in Bangkok, I visited before and its not somewhere that I could see myself staying in. Far too much traffic, haggling, noise, pollution and the rest, you get the picture. So booked a Taxi (Patty Tour Thai- highly recommend 1200 baht) which took about 2 hours I think, however I was tired so was in and out of sleep…

Arrived in Pattaya, and checked myself into the Ice Inn on Road 2 Soi 12. Basically in the heart of Pattaya… about 5-10 mins walking distance from the famous ‘Walking Street’. Spent a week in Pattaya, but the majority of the time I decided to head out to Kho Larn island, which was to say the least, very nice. Can’t remember all the hotels and condo’s I stayed in but moved about about 5 times to different rooms etc.

Rented motorbike, travelled the whole island in my tank top, catching the rays, swimming in the ocean, basically living life 😉 There is I think, 6-8 beaches, I went to 4 of them as was only there for 5 days in total.

Pattaya is not a place I would head back to long-term personally, its too noisy for me, not like Bangkok, but a lot of touristy stuff, and seedy stuff. Saying that, the island Kho Larn which is about 45min boat ride for 30 baht, was pretty epic. As it was out of season, it wasn’t very busy, don’t know what it would be like in high season, obviously higher prices!! I had a good thai friend /guide who helped me out a lot, the thing here is that thais pay half the price of items compared to farrang. So for example, a t shirt @ 200 baht, thai can get for 100 baht, and goes like that…. well in my case anyway. So thank you to my guide, they were epic. Met some decent friendly people there too…



The Decision

A guide to traveling around South East Asia!

Here I will be writing my story of my travels, and offering my own travel tips.

You can find me on twitter, instagram and periscope under the same user name -Rufreespirit.

I have decided to take the plunge and head out to South East Asia to live for a while.

There will be many topics I will be covering on my journey, I can’t think off the top of my head, but below will give you an idea.

  • Traveling to Asia
  • Teaching English (TEFL) as a foreign language
  • Muay Thai training camps
  • Night Life
  • Beaches
  • Cost of living
  • Daily life and culture in each of the cities I visit

From July onwards, it will be just myself, my passport, my macbook, camera’s, and wallet:)

Lets do this :))